Recruitment Services

Shourya Global Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  is geared to take on a full spectrum of services in the recruitment function. Whether it is an end-to-end role – including candidate search, identification, screening, prequalification and testing or whether it is individual tasks of the recruitment function - such as job board searching or candidate response management. Shourya Global will decrease response time to your customers, reduce cycle time, enhance candidate experience, and increase revenue, all while lowering your operating costs.

Shourya Global specializes in the various verticals of: Information Technology, Non IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Automobile, Construction, Infrastructure, Oil&Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Power, Telecom, Food & Beverages, FMCG, retails, Hospitality, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare and Education Services.


Key Features

Located in New Delhi, India – access to quality talent, being capital of India
Dedicated teams, dedicated management.
Value-for-money pricing leading to significant savings
100% customised solutions

Full life cycle recruiting

Want to focus your resources on client acquisition, client relationship, and client retention? Shourya Global will provide a full desk recruiting team dedicated to your operations. They will be responsible for working hand in hand with your Human Resources and Business Development team to understand the end-client requirements and present prequalified candidates for final presentation to the end-client. The tasks they will perform may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification (could be based on client provided questionnaires), negotiating pay rates, administering online tests, formatting resumes with cover page, and conducting background and reference checks.


Pre-screening of candidates

Shourya Global is at the forefront of an evolution in the field of recruiting. Traditionally, a recruiter has spent a majority of his/her time (50% or more) on passive activities – sourcing from the job boards and pre-qualification. However, now sourcing and pre-screening has become a separate role – one that is handled off-shore at a much lower cost as compared to more expensive recruiters. This frees up the traditional recruiters time to do more “in the money” recruiting functions like networking, deep-dive interviews and face to face interviews, thereby increasing fill rates and margins. The sourcing team conducts telephonic interviews to do a high level screening of the candidate. They specifically screen for high level matches to the job description, availability, geography, pay rate and gauge the interest of the candidate. They then submit the resume to the client recruiter who conducts the final in-depth interview before presentation to the end-client. Hence, the traditional “non recruiting” efforts are handled by Shourya Global and when the client recruiter comes in, they ONLY “talk to money”.

By using Shourya Global, the available pool of qualified candidates increases in the recruiting life-cycle, which leads to (i) reduced cycle times, (ii) increased productivity, (iii) Increased quality and matching and hence (iv) increased revenue / commissions..

Why US:

  • Excellent feedback from customer

  • Right talent searching abilities

  • Innovative talent searching

  • Online selection facility.

  • Wide spectrum of services

  • Innovative interview techniques

  • Experienced & diligent manpower

  • Strong and focused client relationship


  • Experienced management team to guide & manage our consultants

  • Extensive domain expertise

  • Quick turnaround & Progress notification.

  • Customized solutions to fit your needs

  • Provide best economical solutions by leveraging Onsite Offshore Delivery Model

  • High quality and cost effective solutions / services today and always